Mi casa, su casa

I recently moved houses and it was the absolute worst, I'm not going to lie. The amount of stuff we accumulate is insane! And who knew a 2 year old could have so much stuff of his own?!! I felt like a hoarder!

I did a lot of cleaning up and giving away, which is always satisfying and fulfilling. There's such a sense of new beginnings when you move. A fresh start. I'm excited to host and have friends over the new place, I believe being generous and open with your home is such a privilege!

As I set up my new closet and put all our stuff away, I found some of my favorite "forgotten" pieces and so decided to take a few shots for you guys. I'm a spur of the moment photoshoot kinda girl ;)

But thats because I do what I love and I love what I do... I hope you do to! ;)

Much love,


Shot by Hannah Burton