Let there be Neon!

Colors, sequins, patterns, neon. Its a lot going on but I like the vibrancy and life of it all. I was walking by this neon light shop, and as soon as I saw how cool the place was my creative mind went on a thousand mile an hour run. I knew it would be perfect for this story, complementing the super modern and cool pieces from Shop3NY. So much fun shooting this, I really hope you like it. I say less is more most of the time, but sometimes more is more! ;) x

Location: Let There Be Neon
Shot by Hannah Burton
Wearing: Set by Altaf/ Black sequin dress by American Retro/ Purple sequin dress by Romeo Hunts/ Red top and skirt by Greedilous/ White top by 3nyred with Skirt by Again and Camera phone case by Moschino