Food for thought from outside the box

Physically inside a box but mentally outside the box. Ive chosen to live 'outside the box' I was put in by others, trying to live free of irrelevant pressures, grounded on what I value and know to be true. Just like I would advise any good friend. 

Funny thing that those who have never met you seem to have the highest expectations. Maybe because they don't know who you really are and its easier to throw stones at their PERCEPTION of somebody else's image. I can't wrap my head around the attempt to find "controversy" around my work and 'stuff'. Although I am sure that most people can differentiate an actual story from a gossip one, its still mind-blowing that hard work is completely disregarded, values are completely looked over and real people are completely disrespected for the sake of writing a story that sells. Think about this, I have never heard of anybody accusing a flight attendant of caring more about flying around the world than spending time with their family, have never heard about a police officer that is accused of worrying more about fighting street crime than protecting their family at home. It doesn't make any sense. Job vs life, hobbies vs life-driving passions; there is a difference even when they seem to overlap.

Yes, I like fashion, I always have. I also work in fashion, Im around it often and have the opportunity to wear it and promote it. This is not me boasting about material things, it's just a part of what I do- and I fully enjoy it. To try to link that to character-flawed behavior is farfetched, there is no story in that. The story is not the clothes you wear but the lives you lead and the people you touch. I sincerely hope and believe to be nothing but uplifting and supportive, loving God and loving people in the best of my ability, with all my flaws, from right here outside the box. So understand this, I consider my first job to be to love, not to wear.

Write about that.