Closet talks

I love my closet. I think its one of the most personal places in the house and it says so much about a person. If I wanted to know about someone by creeping around their house (I wouldn't do that, don't worry!), I would first see what reading material they have, then look at photos, fridge and closet. By doing that I think I'd be able to have a rough idea of who that person is. 

Another reason I love closets is because they almost serve as a photo album. Your clothes will remind you of places, people.. You'll remember that birthday you wore that black dress to and had so much fun, you'll remember that amazing friend who helped you pick out that other outfit, you'll remember that date you bought those shoes for.. 
So much of who you are is transferred into your closet. I have soooo much fun mix and matching pieces, dressing them up and down, wearing prints and solids- and that sets the mood for the day!



Shot by Hannah Burton