You see, the problem is that you can never please everybody. What one person raves about, the other fully criticizes you on. I am often caught in the middle, in between completely different worlds, both of which somehow make sense to me, but not to others. It's outrageous to some. Called a narcissist, an abomination to Christianity, an indictment to the gospel... but then also barely fitting into the world which seems to think my last name disqualifies me and my faith offends them. Some super-skeptics, who feel like their purpose lies in exposing and calling out people who are flawed, regular humans like you and I, but who actually try to make a difference... I get it.. We all fall short at some point or another, but the goal remains to always give our lives, sacrificially, at a high price, to be true to a calling to honor God and love others.

What is a hero anyway? Our dictionary defines the word HERO as 'a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.' Well, for one can actually say that in a very flawed world, full of imperfect people, I have the opportunity to know such selfless and loving people. From my birth parents to my in laws, from an amazing church of dedicated volunteers who serve with such joy that they can change an atmosphere with a simple smile that radiates pure love, to my husband and the United crew, who happen to be incredibly admired for their talent, idealized for their courage to take ground and pioneer in a world that does not support them, for the sole noble purpose of helping their very critics and skeptics, whether or not they are recognized,  appreciated or even payed what they're worth- real talk now. But somehow people would prefer to focus on my designer bags that I honestly had WAY before I even walked into this church. Pfff. People just miss the point. So much criticism I am hoping this film will help put an end to, but of course that's just hopeful thinking as criticism and cynicism grow with influence and exposure.

I read something last night that bothered me a bit. People like to talk a lot about things they know nothing about. The problem with this generation is that we are more concerned with our freedom of speech (and our rude, unfounded and often uneducated opinions) than we are with the value placed on BUILDING and LOVING our fellow human beings. No wonder we have gotten to where we are, full of division and disagreement and anger and hopelessness and war... Full of dumb sensitivities and offensive discriminations... Somehow we pick everything over love... Somehow we pick everything over God... And somehow we end up here, in a broken world, without any hope and without any unity...

I have to admit, I prefer to be a person who will love, forgive, get walked on, forgive and love again, than to be a person who will never be able to fully love and believe in others, a person who is more concerned with finding imaginary discrepancies than  actually giving people the benefit of the doubt and simply loving them. What's life without unconditional love anyways? I will freely give of that which has been freely given to me. As I see it, that's the only way to live.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this project (and other incredible projects that share the same heart and message). I applaud you, not for your talent or ability to draw a crowd, but for your willingness to be on the frontline, taking the hits, so that others would prosper. Mad love.