Sunny Mornings

I shot these images with Hannah a few weeks ago, an hour before she had to leave to the airport. We were just getting back home from our last shoot when I received the packages. Immediately, after looking at the stuff, we decided she'd better skip that shower and we'd better run to the roof for this impromptu shoot!
It was so hot and sunny- a really hard light. So I wanted to go for a casual/grainy/mysterious vibe with a Lack of Color AU hat and a play with shadows. Obviously, Hannah killed it.

I'm obsessed with these one piece bathing suits by Onia. The material feels amazing and comfortable and the fit, prints and styles are rad. And, of course, Xevana jewelry. Wearable sparkle. Enough said. Loved shooting this for you guys!

x Es

The Story Behind The Shot- Hyde Park

An oldie but goodie. Before I went on to take these beautiful photos, I fell in the shower in my hotel room and pretty much destroyed my forehead. Who does that?! By the time people fall in the shower they're usually already over 80... Massive bump in the middle of my forehead! And people say unicorns don't exist- you should have seen me. Unicorn in flesh. The team helped me name the bump Meredith! (Sorry Meredith's out there- you're beautiful!)
Make up and photoshop helped me hide the damage. Hiding it at Hyde. Oh, the drama photos don't capture...

Shot by Hannah Burton
Styled by Nathan Klein

A no-effort look

Leather, jeans, tees. The art of playing with classics, implementing statement pieces and creating unique looks by using everyday pieces. A little bit of shine, a little bit of sheer, a little bit of skin. A no-effort look that is always timeless. Getting dressed is too much fun!

x Es

First look: Baldwin black denim Second look: La Marque leather jacket/ Shoes- Louboutin

Shot by Hannah Burton

Colors, lights, action!

I love this story. Pretty simple and yet so much going on! So many different colors and lights used to create this rainbow effect. Needless to say I was DYING of heat under this very warm coat and even warmer lights.. Ufff! Thankfully we got it done in just a few minutes.. 
Tank top and shorts are my designs, I'll definitely let you guys know when they are available for purchase. xoxox

Mad love ;)

Creative directed/ Produced by E.H.
Shot by Hannah Burton

Sass and bide

I love Australia. Many good things come out of there.  Sun, sand, food, music, my husband, kangaroos, sharks.. Ok, maybe the sharks aren't an excellent thing, but Aussie surfers don't seem to mind them. Crazy people....

Aussie style and labels are also top notch, and I am so excited about this collab with one of my favorite Aussie brands, Sass and Bide. I figuratively died and went to creative heaven with this location, clothes and lighting effects. And couch. Lets not forget the couch.

I hope you enjoy!

X Es


Shot by Hannah Burton
Location: The Box NYC
Produced and curated by EH  

Mi casa, su casa

I recently moved houses and it was the absolute worst, I'm not going to lie. The amount of stuff we accumulate is insane! And who knew a 2 year old could have so much stuff of his own?!! I felt like a hoarder!

I did a lot of cleaning up and giving away, which is always satisfying and fulfilling. There's such a sense of new beginnings when you move. A fresh start. I'm excited to host and have friends over the new place, I believe being generous and open with your home is such a privilege!

As I set up my new closet and put all our stuff away, I found some of my favorite "forgotten" pieces and so decided to take a few shots for you guys. I'm a spur of the moment photoshoot kinda girl ;)

But thats because I do what I love and I love what I do... I hope you do to! ;)

Much love,


Shot by Hannah Burton