To the real superheroes.

Happy mother’s day. To all mothers out there- know you are appreciated. Know you are loved. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed, your love does not go unfelt.

To every woman who has carried and birthed a child. To every woman who has never heard an appropriate THANK YOU. To all mommas with dirty shirts, wrinkled dresses and undone hair- know that you are seen; you are noticed.
To give selflessly, to love unconditionally, to put someone else’s well-being and happiness before your own. To possess the innate desire to accommodate and satisfy another, while watching your days get longer and your nights get shorter. To YOU I give the credit. Your hearts I salute. Your sufferings I treasure.

Cheers to the lack of structure and the unprecedented schedules. Cheers to the tears shed in private and the pain felt in secret. Cheers to the sacrifice, the occasional relinquishment of your own dreams and plans. You are seen. Momma, you are noticed. And today is about YOU.

The plans for this Mother’s Day’s story wasn’t this. We had brainstormed and creatively planned the course of this story. The colors and the joy; the playfulness captured within the images. We had worked out the perfect plan. A plan which I had fit it into my busy and inflexible schedule. We had the story, the interview and the moodboard; we had a strategy. But life never happens this smoothly, at least not for the mother. The life of a mother is about the constant change and adjustment, the constant growing, learning and praying for a new capacity to undertake circumstances.

When my son became sick on the day of our elaborate shoot and story I was again reminded of the fact that my life is unpredictable because its not my own. No matter my plans for this shoot my priority is not a selfish one.

When looking at my child, everything gains perspective. No responsibility comes before; no deadline is relevant. But isn’t that what life is about anyways? To be given the gift of love greater than the love for yourself. I would like to say I apologize for the fact that my Mother’s day post didn’t turn out as I planned, but truth is, I have no time to apologize as I need to go be with my son.

All mothers out there- I salute you.

Shot by Hannah Burton