The right to create.

Whoever has worked with me would have heard me say "I want interesting-NOT pretty" at some point. Im usually drawn to angles that give you unusually long limbs, partial covering of the face, unexpected outfits... I love contrast and diversity. I love creating, expressing, thinking outside the box. Our ability to create is a gift from God. 

Anybody who has been following my work knows that Im a fan of a shadow/light play. Its not always the obvious beautiful portrait I'm looking for, but I'm always looking for something interesting. Something that causes me to 'double-take'. Im a thinker- give me something to analyze.

I believe that God gave us a unique ability to express ourselves through art. When it comes to art there is no right and wrong; all is relative. Each is unique. There are many "artists", but they are all individual. How interesting. How perfectly tailored. Sounds exactly like something God would do. We were uniquely created with a unique ability to create. All for his glory. It doesn't even matter whether or not we like each other's "art", each other's creation. When it comes to art, God made it individual, he made it a heart and a passion matter- theres no right and wrong, it is all relative. God chose to give us the right to worship him with our art.

Shot by Hannah Burton