Castor oil

I've recently found- and got addicted to- castor oil.

I had been hearing from girlfriends that they were using castor oil to grow fuller and longer lashes, so I decided to try it. I had tried Latisse before, and although it really delivers what it promises, it did irritate my eyes a little bit and I was waking up with dry and itchy eyes. Plus, Latisse is also pretty expensive and you need a prescription for it.

So here is what I've found:


Castor oil- Its a natural oil, it can easily be found over the counter and its inexpensive.


It can be used as a laxative (never tried), on dry skin, split ends, lashes, eyebrows...


Addicted. I use it every night on my lashes, eyelids, user-eye.. I apply it occasionally on the ends of my hair.. I rub the excess oil on my hands and feet.. I mix it with coconut oil for a hair mask.. YES. YES. YES.