The best smelling place on Earth

I’m simply addicted to candles. When in New York, I love buying them at Le Labo, a new yorker brand that was born in Grasse, France, and has some of the best scents in the market. Its flagship store is located in SoHo (233 Elizabeth Street) and works as an upscale fragrance lab, where you can buy made-to-order massage oils, home sprays, lotions and even dish detergents. Let’s not forget about the scented candles, my favorite products over there, and the perfumes, their best seller items.

There are ten signature base scents - bergamot, rose, vetiver, neroli, orange blossom, patchouli, iris, ambrette, jasmine, labdanum, agarwood and sandalwood – that can be mixed and formulated on the spot for the freshest, most potent and unique perfume. Each creation is bottled in apothecary-inspired packaging and labeled with your name. How cool is that?


Not to mention that Le Labo created an exclusive scented candle for the Gramercy Park Hotel, Cade 26. It combines the smell of wood and hints of leather and is also for sale (starting at US$ 90). It’s amazing, but I’d rather Petit Grain 21, a rich orange blossom blend with luscious green undertones fragrance that I use in my room.


FYI: you don’t have to come to New York to buy the brand’s products. London, Paris, Tokyo, San Francisco and L.A. also have worth-going boutiques; and Berlin, Milan, Sydney and Melbourne have Le Labo corners (click here for more information)