For mom and bub

I'm not exactly a light packer but now that I have a baby I'm hopeless! Babies needs soooooo much stuff! Something to sleep in, something to cruise around in, toys to play with, bottles, bottle cleaners, feeding utensils... and clothes and diapers, and this and that and the other… So here goes a tip that helps you combine a couple of products into one (and if you don't have a baby it still helps you save a couple bucks):

Baby wipes as Face wipes:

Why didn't I think of this before?! Probably because I didn't have a baby and used to completely ignore pharmacy baby sections.. They're totally hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, of the perfect moistness, and at about five bucks for 64 wipes. Extremely recession-friendly. I find that these pamper wipes actually work better than most face wipes I've tried.

Baby body wash- Face wash:

If its good enough for your baby, its good enough for your face. 

Baby oil- Eye makeup remover:

The best stuff to remove eye make-up. So nice and gentle you would actually trust it on your baby's bottom. Oh wait… That's what its for...

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