"Addressing the thigh-gap and why the pursuit of it is purely ignorant."

I'm not normally the feisty type, so from here on in, my posts will probably be a little breezier, but I wanted to introduce myself on this site by first clearing the air on a topic that literally makes me cringe every time I see it mentioned. 
Most of you have probably heard the term "thigh-gap" (if you haven't, don't waste your time google-imaging). A thigh-gap is a current obsession for women on a weight loss quest, and it's defined as the space between your inner thighs when standing upright with both your feet touching.
Some women think that having a thigh gap will make them look more attractive and express dissatisfaction with their bodies until they achieve it; some see it as their ultimate goal and won't stop cutting calories until they've got it. However, what a lot of women don't understand is that the thigh-gap isn't a byproduct of being skinny, or slender, or slim, or whatever. From an anatomical standpoint, it has to do with the size of your hips in relation to your thighs. You can lose as much weight as you want, but you may never have a gap if you started out with narrower hips. Case in point: I'm 5'11, have been modelling now for four years, and my hip measurement is actually 2 inches less than the fashion industry standard for sample size, and I do not, and have not ever, had a thigh gap. In fact, my thighs are touching right now as I type this (and quite happy about that). Because of bone structure (which you genetically inherit from your parents), the gap is impossible for most to achieve in a healthy manner. It's like striving for something that's never gonna happen. It can be a recipe for discouragement, failure, and worse, potentially an eating disorder. I don't want a thigh gap, because if I worked to get one, I would have to starve myself and lose the muscle on my legs. I would much rather be a strong woman than a girl who's malnourished and weak. Besides, my husband's favourite parts of my body are the luscious parts, not the "gappy" parts—every man wants something to hold on to!
Evidence of my non-thigh-gap: 

The obsession has become so excessive in the last year that there are endless Pinterest boards and blogs dedicated to thigh gap motivation. There's one crazy diet book called "The Thigh Gap Hack" where the author, on her website, introduces the book and her thigh gap pursuit by saying, "All hot girls have this one thing in common..." (her attempt to set a requirement for hotness is beyond me, but I won't even go there). She goes on to instruct achieving a thigh gap by not eating for entire days at a time (in other words, starving yourself) and trying to lose the muscle in your legs. She does this all without professional or doctor's advice. She claims that "every woman can get a thigh gap if they lower their body fat and get skinny enough". I want to stop her right there and show her my lanky frame and ask her what she thinks about my non-thigh-gap. Books, Tumblr pages, and Pinterest boards like these are what fill women's minds with an obsession to look "perfect" by someone else's unrealistic standards, convincing them that it's what will make you happiest.

So all that being said, I urge you, don't let a thigh gap stand as proof of how thin you think you are, because it is neither a standardized nor a legitimate way to ascertain body fat, and more importantly, it isn't physically possible for some women to achieve. Also, don't allow anybody other than yourself to tell you the size that you should be. Strive for health in all areas (think radiant skin and lots of energy... what attractsyou to somebody?). The best route to beauty is by being healthy—anybody in the fashion and beauty industry will tell you that—and this can only be achieved by eating well and properly exercising. You should see the exercise and eating routines that the Victoria's Secret girls stick to! Women who are too skinny look unhealthy and hollow. Healthy = happy. If you do want to lose weight, speak to a professional trainer or nutritionist who can help you set attainable goals, or cut out junk food and start exercising; don't consult an insane diet book or spend your time googling "skinny inspiration" written and posted by someone who took zero advice from doctors or health professionals. 
And if you need any more evidence of gorgeous women without thigh gaps, try googling Beyonce, Kate Upton, Marilyn Monroe, and let that end your thigh gap pursuit for good.