Dealing with the head honcho...


It’s very possible that today you are doing your dream job.  But it’s also just as possible that you are seated at a desk and you’re not even sure how you got there. Regardless of either situation, you probably have a boss.  That boss could be all sunshine and wild berries or Mr./Mrs. Bossman could be straight up be related to Cruella de Vil.  How do you handle el Head Honcho?!  I believe there is strategy to everything in life and truly everyday is a classroom.  Here are a few thoughts: 

1.  Manage your expectations...remember your boss is a human.  He struggles with his own fears, wounds, and weaknesses. He has his own pressures - not to mention his own managers!  He will experience good days and bad.  Give him grace.  Get on that grace train everyday.  He is human just like you.   

2.  Evaluate the impact. What kind of effect is your boss having on you and your colleagues? You become who you hang out with.  Not that you are hanging out with head honcho 24/7 but realize its likely they are rubbing off on you. Is he/she over-bearing and abusive? Or is he checked out or inaccessible? Take a mental note and make sure to not be copying any negative qualities.

3. Consider your options. If the situation is bad enough, it may warrant your resignation. I have only been in one job where I did this and the desperate situation called for a desperate measure.  But your circumstances may be different. Most situations provide an opportunity to learn, if you are alert and teachable. Some of the best lessons I ever learned were from bad bosses. 

 4.  Be assertive.  Bad bosses have a way of creating a culture of fear, where people are afraid to speak up. But this may be the perfect opportunity for you to become more courageous.  It’s always a good idea to voice your needs in a respectful manner creating a healthy boundary. 

5.  Support the Head Honcho publicly.  Publicly debating with your boss or gossiping about him behind his back rarely gets you anywhere.  Refuse to gossip.  Refuse, refuse, refuse.  Whatever you have to do, refuse. 

These tips aren't the end all be all but hopefully they will leave you thinking more about your boss.  Be a forward thinker, eat problems for breakfast and be the person in your office that shines no matter what.  

Why? Vital question, right? Because today we are living in a time of extraordinary opportunity.  Now is the time to play a role in improving the state of the world.  And that starts with how you treat head honcho.  And just remember,..some day you might just be the head honcho.