Hey digital girl

Hey Digital Girl.

Yes you. With your arms wrapped around a handsome man, but with your face focused on your iPhone. Or you, with a gorgeous baby boy vying for your attention whilst you check your ‘push notifications’ for the 25th time that hour.

I’m talking to myself here.  Ugh…the iPhone.  That small smashed up screen that has become like an extra limb – the only part of my body that remains the same size and weight regardless of how I treat it.  It’s a part of me. I do crazy things when it’s not with me.  Like running back inside in the pouring rain after pulling a U Turn on a one-way street simply to retrieve it - so as not to spend half a day without my digital ‘limb’.  I panic when I can’t find it inside my extremely large, extremely unorganized handbag, when it has accidently slipped between the pack of gum and last week’s grocery store flyer. And I mourn when I look down to see 2 missed calls, only to realize my honorary body part was accidently switched on to silent.

It’s a love/hate relationship. As much time as I spend feeling guilty for having my phone out on ‘date night’ or missing the moment my son finally climbed the ladder at the park for the first time - I cant seem to bring myself to part with it.

Sometimes I wonder how embarrassing it might be if someone published the figures of just how many times I punch in my 4 digit ‘unlock code’ into my phone each and every day. How about you?

No doubt about it, the digital age has revolutionized our lives.  My iPhone is not just a phone: it is a connector, a networker, a memory maker, an organizational tool, a little bit of sanity connecting me to the ‘outside’ world when I’m stuck inside with a snotty 2 year old.  It has the ability to make us feel needed and important with each notification, and even pretty and confident with its selfie and filtering ability.  It can be the tool that delivers the best news you’ve ever received, or the worst.  It ‘does life’ alongside you, its storage and communication abilities unprecendently documenting our everyday, ordinary lives.

Apps can do almost everything from deciding what is for dinner to purchasing the ingredients to make it. They can help us plan everything from a coffee date to a future child.  Facetime is a Godsend. In a world where family and friends are spread across the globe, I want to KISS the person that invented a way for my boy to speak to and ‘be with’ his aunties, cousins and grandparents at the click of a button.

And yet, there is something to be said for the person that is wise enough to know when to turn it off. When NOT to plug it in next to your bed.  There is a certain maturity and class that is shown when a woman keeps her phone in her bag at a dinner party or a wedding, choosing to live in the moment and making memories with her ‘being’ - not her data package.  

Sure, our relationships aren’t dependent on how much of our monthly usage we have left over, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be reminded that the ‘real thing’ is even more beautiful then its digital counterpart.

Chin up, digital girl.

With love,


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