On the hunt...

Credit: Vogue Paris September 2005

Credit: Vogue Paris September 2005

Searching for a job is equivalent to going into combat.  Whether you've been fighting for a long time or you’re just beginning the battle, its vital to make looking for a job one of your mightiest life skills. I mean it’s your livelihood, right?

So...how do you create a gold first impression in your interview? Here's a few thoughts: 

#1. Smile.  Believe it or not successful people smile…. a lot.  Be pleasant and outgoing. And on a random side note:  some of the most successful sales people smile while closing deals over the phone. And yes, they are standing up, not sitting down.  Remember nothing but smiles for days.

#2.  Confidence:  fidgeting, glancing down and not accepting compliments from people are all bold statements.  What type of statements do you want to make? Remember you are wise, innovative, stunning and you are going to be a colossal asset to the company.  And even if you don’t believe it fully just yet, fake it till you make it. Remember, you eat problems for breakfast.

A few quick fixes:

A really smart nerdy friend from Harvard was chatting with me about our body language and our non – verbal cues.  She was telling me that our bodies change the way people perceive us. All our gestures, body language, facial expressions, eye gazes and overall appearance are things that do in fact change the way people "see" us. Its 100% natural to be nervous but there’s a tiny tweak called the “power pose” that’s actually suppose to change your brain and body chemistry, scientifically giving you more confidence.  The “power pose” works like this:  stretch out your arms as far as they’ll go and hold that pose for two minutes. Arms stretched wide. You can do it in the elevator, at a desk or where nobody can see you! And it actually changes the cortisol levels in your brain.  

If you are a fidgeter, tapper, or jinglerà  instead move with purpose.  Use an inexpensive video recorder or your smart phone to record yourself delivering a presentation.  Then play it back.  Write down all your mannerisms, catch your annoying habits and eliminate them. Boom!

#3.  Stay away from negativity.  Don’t be a chatty Cathy about past negative experiences with former colleagues or bosses from your old or current company. It just looks bad. You're so much better than that!  Practice out loud your positive reasons for leaving your previous company.  For example, you left your prior position because you wanted to continue growing and learning specifically in x, y, z, skills.

#4.  Show sincere interest in the company and the interviewer.  Research the heck out of the company.  Use Twitter, LinkedIn, read industry blogs, get serious intel from friends of friends who work at the company.  Read their quarterly reports online.  See where they are spending marketing dollars.  Get nerdy.  Nerdy people change the planet.  They also get the job. 

#5.  Know your resume thoroughly.  Be prepared to elaborate on your past career details.  No lying or fabricating.  Enough said.

Some questions to noodle on...

Think about what they might ask you.  Here are a few questions, I’ve been asked multiple times in multiple interviews. I suggest preparing a 1-2 minute response in your mind. Practice with your roommate, significant other, friend, dog, etc. Write down your answers.  

*Tell me a little about yourself...

*What are your greatest strengths?

*What would your previous employer list as your greatest strength?

*What are you looking for in a new position?

*Why are you leaving your current job?

Live magnificently,