This too shall pass

My 5AM alarm clock recently has blonde hair, blue eyes and a commanding voice for such a small body.  He’s stopped saying ‘Mommy’ in the morning and replaced it with ‘Peppa’ - his way of asking me to turn the iPad on to the cartoon about a small pink pork chop – a testimony to my recent parenting skills.

After about 15 minutes of frustrating ‘stop and go’ cartoons (18 month old hand-eye coordination is somewhat testing), its time to ‘lets go!’ according to this Mini-General.  By the time I clean up the first bowl of his Cheerios from the kitchen floor, make a second and wander bleary-eyed into the shower with my small sidekick, I’m already wishing it was bedtime…. and the clock only just ticked over to 6.15AM.

Some of the best advice I was given, as a new parent is ‘It’s only a season, this too shall pass’.  That phrase has been repeated far too often by well meaning acquaintances throughout the last year and a half…mainly when the aforementioned blonde is manifesting on the grocery store tiles, or waking more times a night then I can count.   Yet…there is something comforting in knowing that ‘You’ve never seen a 6 year old with a dummy (pacifier) in his mouth…this too shall pass’.

The above cartoon makes me laugh every time I look at it, because the melodramatic phrase has certainly escaped my lips on more then one occasion.  And I think if we are all being honest, motherhood aside, life is full of ‘seasons’.  Some seasons (like dreamy, romantic summers) we want to last forever.  Some (like rainy, grey sky, autumn days) we are desperate that they will pass over us without leaving evidence of water damage all over our new suede pumps.

But, like each season, there is a beginning and an end.  There is hope for sunny, warm days at the end of long, dark winters. There is grace available for every hurdle and there is nothing that a new lipstick, some killer heels and best friend can’t help you conquer.

I hope that whatever ‘season’ you are walking through – a diagnosis, a lost love, a broken dream, or simply a little bit of sleep deprivation – you have girlfriends along the way who keep reminding you that there is rest and renewal on the way and that there is a new day beckoning you to look up, get up, and put your cute face in the light.  Because no matter how tall the mountain - it can’t block out the sun.

Here’s to a new ‘season’ on the horizon…you can do it, my friend…this too shall pass. xx