This is pretty much what most my evenings look like- and I love it! I had a few ideas of what having a baby may look like, but what I didn't know was that I was gaining a companion. Losing my freedom, but gaining a companion.. Hey.. You can't win them all. 
Nonetheless, losing part of my freedom has taught me a million things. Having a baby has "forced" me into a less selfish and self-centered life, which ultimately teaches you how to love better. I often wonder how is it possible to love this little miniature human this much?! He only takes and takes and takes.. It is not a two way street when it comes to babies; they don't know about YOUR needs, they only know about theirs- and you have no choice but to meet them. So what is it about this whole new level of love that you feel towards your child? I think its exactly that. A more selfless life is a more loving life. To give without expectation and to love without condition was the way we were wired to be after all. Who would have thought.