"White HOT"

I'm a bigtime backer for monochromatic looks. A little denim on denim, a palate of beiges, or, of course, black on black on black, and I'm a happy camper. I'm also obsessed with white. I could wear it every day. There's something about an all white look that for me, registers as fresh, confident, playful and sophisticated, all at the same time.

I love the interplay between masculine and feminine, delicate and tough. I like to put boyish pieces together with lighter, prettier things: loose jeans and button-down dress shirts paired with stilettos or cute flats, silk and lace, a skirt, or a cropped tee—just like the outfit in the street shot above. I found that pair of jeans for just 5 dollars (thrift, all the way) and ripped them up myself. Side note: by wearing distressed denim in white instead of black or dark denim, that ripped-up look becomes light and breezy, rather than rebel (which I'm all for, by the way).

credit: www.vogue.com

credit: www.vogue.com

The simplest ways to do white on white might be a tee and jeans or a dress and shoes. You can go entirely head to toe white, but you could also achieve the same feeling by incorporating other pieces of colour or other neutrals—a bag, jewelry, or shoes are some examples. Just make sure your foundational pieces are all white. Metallic jewelry looks especially gorgeous with this. 

You can't make a mistake with monochromatic white. Try mixing up some different textures. Don't be scared to be bold—it's a head-turning look. Just be careful with your coffees and your Kool-Aids!


Janice X