"I Dare You To Try: Coloured Mascara"

Picture-perfect cat-eye? Frustrating. Flattering smoky eye? Takes patience. Mascara? Now we're talking. Piece of cake! Give this idea one try and I think you might be hooked. Coloured mascara is the most effortless thing you can use for a single shot makeup look. Because it's bold enough to wear on its own, you can keep the rest of your makeup simple.

I first noticed (and immediately loved) coloured mascara when I saw pics from a Stella McCartney show a few years ago. All the models had the no-makeup look goin on, except for this bright cobalt-blue mascara on their lashes. No eyeshadow, no liner, no blush—nada. And just how gorgeous did they look...

Seriously now, what could be better than a 1-step makeup look? Bright blue mascara (+ lip gloss) is going to be my summer staple. Just need to find a waterproof one and I'll be ocean-ready head to toe. 

Some tips...

If you aren't ready for a full-on set of blue or violet lashes, try bronze or burgundy (more natural colours). Or, try coating just the tips of your top lashes, as an accent, and use your black or dark brown mascara first as a base on the entirety of your lashes.

To generally bring the intensity of the colour down, apply your black mascara underneath your colour of choice. 

Blue is flattering on every skin tone and eye colour. Blue also makes the whites of your eyes look brighter (hello Monday mornings...)

Keep the rest of your eyes bare. On your face you could wear blush or bronzer, but don't go overboard. Try just using a highlighter on your cheekbones. Personally, I like to wear blue mascara with lip gloss, and maybe a touch of bronzer for the evening. Too many colours = circus performer. Not what we're going for. Check yourself in natural daylight before facing the public. 

Janice x