Today's Trend Tuesday post will once again focus on some of the best Australian designers, and as the title states it’s all in the print baby.

I for one love a little bit of print here and there. It can turn a simple outfit into something more daring, and has the ability to show off your creativity.

Of course prints are not just for those with an artistic flair, everyone has the ability to coordinate some prints into their wardrobe, and below are 3 easy steps to follow if you’re just starting to consider adding some prints to your wardrobe!

1. Buy a print you actually like! I know this sounds a little silly, but it’s really important that you actually like the print you’re buying because there is nothing worse than following the crowd and then never actually wearing it.

2. Start with a scarf, then ease yourself into a printed dress. Both of these are a really easy way to introduce prints to your wardrobe!

3. Be confident, if you think you look great then you do and remember style is individual!

Now, here are some of my favourite printed looks by Australian label Keepsake:

And of course, Willow are going from strength to strength with these stunners in their collection:

Once you’ve got the outfits, all you’ll need is a confident attitude and you’ll be rocking the prints in no time! Don’t be afraid to mix it up, if you’re feeling daring give the print-on-print a go! R x