Time Management Wisdom

When I see the words time management….I sort of respond in one of two ways depending on that moment in life.

1.  Oh…that’s a nice thought….  

2.  So excited to learn more, my heart bursts. How did Einstein do it?  How did Mother Theresa do it?  Did she do it?!

Is there wisdom to managing your time? I think the overall answer is yes.


Here’s a few thoughts…let me know what you think:

  1.  Touch it once…if you touch it, take action.  Don’t open that email/letter unless you’re ready to deal with it.  Make this not only a personal rule but also a personal mandate when it comes to organizing emails/email files and life overall.

2.  Make Lists – write a list of your high priorities.  Stick to your 6 most important items.  And no matter what get those 6 things done.  Anything over 17 items list psychologically isn’t a great idea.

3.  Plan how much time to allocate each task:  don’t just think when determine the amount of time needed.  This is an important item in getting all 6 items accomplished in a day.   If 1 or more items on your list is too big to accomplish in 1 day, write down how much time during that day you will allocate for it and potentially allocate other tasks to other days.  For instance, I leave 1 hr each week to bake chocolate chip cookies.  Yes,…you read it right. It actually nourishes my soul and stomach. And I just enjoy it. BOOM. Sundays, 4 pm.

4.   Plan your day.   Be specific and have a time slot for everything.  This includes the 6 items on your list.  Focus on the difficult projects first.

5.  Ask yourself – Will it hurt me to throw this away? Sometimes and most times the answer is no. 


I met Gene Simmons today and he told my two bosses and I to KISS.   Aka, Keep It Simple.



One more thought of the day:

 "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning."

-Bill Gates