A Mothers Day Interview with MissWhoo herself…

Esther…Today is your first Mothers Day, Happy Mothers Day!! Tell me what your reaction was the day you learned you were going to be a mom…BE HONEST :)

--- Uhm.... to be completely honest.... I wasn't too thrilled... I had never really been around too many kids, so I wasn't really sure I liked kids all that much.. haha. I knew that once my baby was born it'd be different, but the idea of having little ones running around and throwing food all over my furniture didn't necessarily sound that appealing at that point... I knew I wanted to have a child eventually, but eventually in my head was farrrrr awayyyyy

Ha. Sometimes the best gifts are surprises, right? ☺ From that day, to the day you met ZiWhoo, how did your perspective grow and change about what Motherhood was going to mean for your life and the changes it would bring?

--- Pregnancy takes forever. It was literally the longest 10 months of my life. And that’s both good and bad. It felt like my body no longer belonged to me. Zion was constantly kicking and my belly would move so much I was literally expecting an alien's tentacles to break out as if I were in a sci-fi movie! But it was good because it gave me a lot of time to get over the shock, mentally prepare for it, buy cute baby things, think of names... All the little things that start to get you excited for what is to come.

Tell us a little about the day you met your baby boy for the first time.

--- I was really late. Like 10 days late. And 10 days overdue in pregnancy is like dog years. Each counts as 10. In the end I was so disappointed he wasn't "coming out" that I started to try to convince myself I still had a good week in me. Hah. So when I started feeling contractions I was actually trying to convince myself it was no big deal. Joel was sleeping and I was just hanging out and timing them. I knew I was supposed to go to the hospital when they were 4 or 5 minutes apart, but for some reason I didn’t even wake Joel up until they were less than 3 minutes apart! I kept telling myself that he wasn't coming yet; I didn't want to be disappointed. I DO NOT recommend that, I almost had him in the car!! By the time I made it to the hospital room I was basically having him. And I was taking selfies and instagramming.. I’m crazy.. My friends all camped on central park, outside my window (they couldn't see me, obviously), had a picnic and it was awesome. When Zi was born my doctor’s first words were "Oh my - he is huge!!" I remember looking around trying to see him, I couldn't see much; there was too much going on. It was the best. I have good photos. You've probably seen them, I instagrammed them. 

What has surprised you most about being a mom? (That one thing that you say 'NO ONE EVER TOLD ME THAT!!?')

--- No one ever told me that it would be a 24-hour job! They always said it'd be a "full time" job, but this is not full time; its full time, night shifts, over time, all the time... but its the best job ever!

What qualities of yours do you already see in Zion?

--- He always has ‘that look’. The suspicious, analytical, unsure look... Something tells me he might have gotten it from me... ;)  (That’s probably more of a characteristic than a quality...)

What is your greatest fear as a mother?

--- No fears really... Of course I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to him, but I don't necessarily "fear" that. I trust God and His hand over our lives. 

What is your greatest joy?

--- I love hearing him laugh.

Tell us a favourite memory of your own mother?

--- My mom is the best. All memories of my mom are my favorite.

What was the best advice you were given as a first time mom?

--- Don't stress. Don't compare. Don't share too many stories. Don't Google. You know your baby better than anyone else; you love your baby more than anyone else, so do what YOU think is best for your child.

What advice would YOU give to modern day moms?

--- Have fun! Enjoy your kids, be a part of their lives, take them on your journey, include them. Make them feel valued, support them, love them and respect them. But treat them as your kids and not your friends. You are supposed to be a role model and set boundaries, they need to know the difference.

Who do you look up to as good examples of women doing 'motherhood' well?

Don't know the answer to this... you? Angelina Jolie? no clue lol

Good answer. I always thought Angelina and I had things in common ☺ What is your greatest desire for Zion?

--- That he never settles for less than he deserves and never loses his sense of wonder

Will there be more little Houston’s in the future? :)

--- I have no idea. Got my hands full with the 2 Houston’s I've got!