Placing Value

Happy Wednesday! Hope this note finds you all fabulous, wonderful and beyond lovely. 

Just wanted to send a few thoughts your way on how to make your company a better place & how to make those around you feel valued…

1. Mistakes Happen, But Learning Does, Too

Look at the larger picture of an employee's performance when a mistake happens. Is it just one incident among an otherwise stellar performance? What learning happened as a result of the mistake?

2. No Sour Grapes

How you treat an employee when they resign affects the employee much less than it affects the people who stay. Noodle on that!

3. Soar With Your Strengths

Robert Heinlein said these amazing words:  "Never try to teach a pig to sing: it wastes your time and annoys the pig." 

Do you know the strengths of each of your employees and are you prepared to create work around those to ensure that they're placed in positions to succeed based on their strengths? If not, give it some good thought.