Stages of Life, consider this!

A few folks in the business world swear by these 5 stages of life in terms of your overall professional life.   I agree with them for the most part but I do think these stages apply to other areas of your life as well.  When thinking about the trajectory of your life and stages, consider these:

Your 20s are a period of Learning. This is the decade of trying a thousand things, exploring a multitude of interests & discovering what really motivates you.

Your 30s are a period of Editing. This is the decade of sorting out interests, and discovering what you really care about and who you really are.

Your 40s are a period of Mastering. This is the decade of narrowing focus, honing skill sets and becoming an expert in your field.

Your 50s are a period of Harvesting. This is the decade of reaping the benefits of good decisions and enjoying the highest income-earning period in your career.

Your 60s are a period of Guiding. This is the decade of mentoring, training, and encouraging others on their own road to success.



1.     Learning

2.    Editing

3.    Mastering

4.    Harvesting

5.    Guiding

Where are you in these stages? 

According to these same business folks, every successful person has followed these steps regardless of their occupation.

Boom.  Happy Wednesday!



Acuff, J. (2013). Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters (first edition). Brentwood, Tennessee:  Lampo Press.