Milkmaid Braid

A fun and actually easy hair idea for your girls this Summer is the Milkmaid Braid. Our Editor in Chief tried it out on her cute daughter Kenzie.

Image via Harpers Bazaar 

Image via Harpers Bazaar 

Items Needed:

●  2 clear hair elastics

●  brush

●  bobby pins

●  Hair Spray

How To:

●  Part unwashed hair down middle, braid 2 side braids starting below the ear and secure with ponytail holders.

●  Loosen the Braid by pulling at each side of the braids.

●  Next, pull the first braid over the crown of your head along where you would place a

headband and secure with bobby pins.

●  Then pull the 2nd braid over the crown of the head until the 2 braids run together.

●  Next, tuck the ends under the opposite braid without disrupting the braid’s placement on

the head.

●  Secure with bobby pins and adjust any loose stands that may have fallen out until every

hair is in place.

●  Finish with Hairspray if you like!

●  All Done! 

Outfit: Wolf & Rita Striped Top from My Little Square, Swimsuit: H&M Kids, Sunnies: We Are Sons & Daughters