Trend Tuesday: The Over Swimwear Edit

So you’re off to the beach, or maybe a rooftop pool; or perhaps you’re about to go on vacation – a nice summer getaway to the tropics, and now you’re wondering: ‘what do I wear when I’m not wearing bathers?’

Before you jump to any conclusions ladies, this post is about what to wear over your swimsuit. Seeing as I am in the midst of the winter blues in Australia my inspiration for bathers trends is not quite here yet.

Now I’m sure you’re all pros but in case you’re not, I’ve got a little list of tips you can rely on when selecting you’re over-swim-wear.

Day to night – pick something that isn’t completely transparent, so if you do happen to stop for a bite to eat after your day in the sun you wont feel underdressed or exposed. Lighter fabrics are the way to go when styling you’re beach outfit, plus they dry super fast!Think kaftans, maxi dresses and flowy styles, ultimately you just want something to wear that is literally effortless. There is a style out there to suit EVERY BODY! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, try them all on!
Choose your colour carefully – if you love spending time in the water, it might be best to pick a darker colour because any wet marks from your bathers won’t be super obvious.

Pair your outfits with a cute hat (easy cover up for beach hair), some strappy sandals (check out misswhoo’s closet for some inspiration) and you’re set girl!

Now for your inspiration, all from Barneys New York! Rx


Ulla Johnson



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Isabel Marant Etoile




Natalie Martin

Natalie Martin

Natalie Martin

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