Day n’ Night

 It can be difficult to take an outfit from work or a day out, shopping with the girls, to a date night at a dim restaurant over candlelight. We have busy schedules and getting home to change isn’t always an option. This silk chiffon dress is perfect for summer. It is light weight, can be paired with flats or the new pair of heels that you got for a steal at the Barney’s sale. The sweet lace detail gives the piece a feminine, ladylike touch, while the hemline elongates your legs. Delicate and loose, Magali Pascal highlights femininity while making the transition from day into night simple. The twins photographed the piece with New York City in the background, showing that this is the ultimate dress for the busy urban woman. Wind blown hair and natural makeup by Venny Losiyana make this the perfect, full look to flaunt from morning until night.  

Dress: Magali Pascal
Photography: The Twins
Makeup and  Hair: Venny Losiyana