Resisting Cravings: 6 Quick Tips That Work

Whether they’re for emotional reasons, stress, anxiety or boredom, cravings can really wreak havoc on your diet. It’s OK to indulge once in a while. But if you keep finding yourself in a pattern of snacking, make a conscious decision to stop the habit (and start looking at what may be the real culprit behind that desire). Rather than giving in and losing your momentum towards a healthy lifestyle, take control of the issue and start thwarting those urges with these quick little tricks.

Chew Gum – Often times, our cravings are fueled by a need to quell some form of anxiety. While that’s an issue that deserves attention on its own, for the moment, try chewing sugarless gum instead and then try to have an honest introspective as to what’s causing you this anxiety. Brush Your Teeth – If you can’t get the thought of chocolate out of your mind, try brushing your teeth and changing the flavor profile on your tongue. If you’re thinking chocolate but tasting peppermint, chances are that will turn your brain away from chasing it. Drink Water – Sometimes we confuse hunger with thirst and tend to overeat in an effort to satisfy our desire. Before eating anything, drink a full glass of water and wait five minutes. If you still feel hungry, have a small, healthy snack, like a fruit or veggie with dip, both better options than chips and cookies. Break the Cycle – Many times, we snack or crave unhealthy foods out of boredom or routine. Instead of reaching for a “forbidden food” as soon as the thought comes up, try getting up and taking a short walk outside or taking care of a pending chore. Taking your mind off the craving and occupying it with an activity may help pass the mood. Eat Something Healthy First – Fill up on healthy, nutritious food before  digging into dessert. If you’re full from lunch or dinner, you won’t have too much room for sweets afterwards. Or, if you’re craving a salty treat, like chips, try opting for something that has a crunch to it, like celery topped with hummus. Indulge Now and Then – If you really just can’t get the craving out of your head, then try indulging once in a while rather than depriving yourself completely. But when you do, cut the portion in half and put the other half out of sight and reach. You’ll still be giving in to the want but not in an overwhelming way. And sometimes, it’s OK to just have the cookie.