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Mausi - Newcastle's Anglo-italian band formed in 2010 after meeting at University in Newcastle Australia.

They are made up of Ben Brown on guitar/bass, Benji Huntrods on drums/percussion and italian born siblings Thomas and Daisy Finetto who sing/play keyboard. Their music is rooted in alternative/pop/dance.

“We steal what we like from different genres. Our inspiration artists are Phoenix, Daft Punk, Breakbot, Pony Pony Run Run with a little Frank Ocean, Neptunes, Yeezy mixed in there.. or at least we'd like to think so."

In ‘Hideaway' Daisy’s voice seems the kind that probably wouldn’t be out of place in a ‘50s speak easy. It has an effortlessly rich tone. Daisy’s harmonies also give Thomas’s ‘Indie style’ vocals a level of sophistication not usually encountered in grass roots music. Ben and Benji make Mausi's decibel level comparable to that of a Boeing 747. 

Sourced by: @yourlocaldjs