Some people think as long as its in the fridge or freezer it’s good forever. Here are the 6 mysteries that we will start to make history.

1. Mayo  has a 2 month shelf life
Zero in my refrigerator; replaced with hummus.

2. Ketchup has a  4 month shelf  life
Does not exist in my kitchen; substituted by hot sauce.

3. Mustard has a 8 month shelf life
Very common condiment to go bad.

4. Eggs – 1 month shelf life
Hard boil the rest if expiration is approaching.

5. Meat – 1 year freezer shelf life
Less freeze; more nutrients.

6. Canned Veggies – 2 year shelf life
During client refrigerator clean outs, I’ve seen 4-5 year old can veggies! Replace with fresh greens--way more healthy than anything canned.

Put together your game plan, execute, have fun, and get fit.

Cheers with Water,

Coach Adam Cobb

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