SPF : Your new BFF

1. The 2-Hour Rule

If you are outdoors for any long period of time, sunscreen should be re-applied every two hours to keep you protected. It can only keep our skin safe if we use it correctly, so get that iPhone out and set a reminder.

2. Don’t go lower than SPF 30

The American Academy of Dermatology says the best coverage to aim for is SPF 30. Usually higher numbers won’t add more protection and anything lower doesn’t do your skin justice.  When it comes to lips, face, neck, hands and body…get in the habit of always using SPF 30 to achieve maximum protection. Or become a burn-victim. You chose.

spf supergoop.jpg

3. Use more than SPF in Makeup

The small amount listed in your foundation/powder etc. is NOT enough coverage to keep you safe from the suns harmful rays. In actuality, our face needs a large almond sized amount applied daily.  While it’s great to have a little extra in a cosmetic product, by no means should it be considered the end-all. Start with an SPF 30 base pre-makeup to keep your skin protected all-day whether in or outdoors. Layers of protection won’t hurt, but not having enough won’t help either.

4. Expired? TOSS IT!

Most sunscreens are good for a solid year when stored in a dry, cool place. (Keep it out of your hot car…unless you want to speed up it’s life-span.) Write the purchased date on the bottle in permanent marker if there’s no expiration date printed to ensure you stay protected.

For those late to the game….if you’re reading this and thinking, “What if I already have sun-damaged skin?!” Don’t worry…your proactive approach to SPF from here on out is a step in the right direction. Paired with a combination of a great exfoliator, moisturizer, concealer and even a lightening cream, you can get ahead of those areas of damaged areas and feel great about your skin from now to Senior-ville.

Exfoliating your skin on a regular basis will slough off the dead skin cells and help regenerate your skin’s texture. Whether you are dry or oily, exfoliating a few times a week will greatly improve your skins texture AND radiance. Try incorporating a gentle but effective exfoliant into your routine two or three times a week!  

Hydration is IMPERATIVE!! Like, really. Damaged or not, it’s a way to prevent wrinkles and more damage for the future. It can instantly improve your skin’s texture and brightness. Your face is thirsty…give it what it wants! For those who want to reclaim problem areas; get used to packing on a great moisturizer, twice a day. If it’s one that has an SPF 30, it’s perfect for your skin, pre-makeup. If not, find an SPF 30 that you can apply to your face AFTER you have applied your moisturizer, before foundation!

STILL have sun-damaged spots that you can’t seem to eliminate completely? See a dermatologist. They can prescribe a variety of medicated brightening creams that will lighten up trouble spots. (This won’t turn your skin white…it’ll simply target those damaged areas.)

Lather up on SPF and Moisturizer like yesterday, and reclaim your face forever against the sun and its Regina George bullying-ways.