On my mind: Pendants

This is something for the minimalists. Nicolas Ghesquiere—previously designing at Balenciaga and now the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton—has several times put a long, delicate pendant with almost every look in his show (and on a big variety of necklines), and that sparkling little somethin' goes a long way. Check it out:

Balenciaga Spring 2013 show in Paris:

Louis Vuitton Fall 2014 show in Paris:

Here's what I appreciate about this concept that Nicolas has nailed: one piece of jewelry can have a really big impact. Jewelry is great to accumulate little by little. It's a perfect example of how buying less frequently and of higher quality helps your purchases to remain special to you and last longer. So find one thing you love every now and again, and invest your pennies in pieces you adore that won't be rubbed dull within a short time or leave traces of turquoise on your skin.
Janice x
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