Q + A with our favorite Anna Sophia

What is the most surprising song in your iTunes? 

I tend to stick with Pandora or Spotify now, but I really enjoy listening to choral music and classical when I'm doing work at home. It helps me to focus and stay calm. 

If we looked in your purse, what would we find? 

Hmmm, phone (with mophie case of course), keys, Karen Walker sunnies, dog treats for Sir Fergusson, lip balm by Fresh (I use Rose; it's so smooth and leaves a nice pink tint), this mini roll on body oil from Whole Foods, my calendar (I'm old fashion that way; I have to write everything down!), sticky notes, and my 7 year pen; it says "HAPPY" on the side which reminds me of all the blessings in my life that bring me joy. 

How do you wind down after a long day on set? 

Ideally, I try to eat or work out right after coming home from set. Even after a long day, I need to move my body and get out any stressful energy. Sometimes I'll stretch, other times go for a walk, or if I'm going crazy I run. Laughter is the most energizing medicine so I like to follow funny people, like THE FAT JEWISH, on Instagram. His posts are hilarious.  

How do you stay healthy with such a busy schedule? 

Living healthy is vital to my life but it requires time, energy, and preparation. I think getting up early is key to maintaining a healthy body, mindset, and lifestyle. If I wake up early (5 or 6 am), I have time to make myself a smoothie (every morning), read my Bible/journal to clear my thoughts and set my mindset for the day, and hopefully if I get to it, work out. That routine sets me up for my day. Scheduling times to eat is also very important. I'm bad at it now, but I'm working on it. My boyfriend is a health and wellness specialist, so I've learned tons from him. We have scheduled alarms on our phones when we should eat our six meals throughout the day. Breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack, dinner, and a late night HEALTHY sugarless snack like a protein shake. The busier life gets, the more important it is to schedule, and an organized schedule, even if it's just scheduling your meals, meditation time, and movement time, makes life a whole lot easier.  

Which bad habits drive you crazy? 

It drives me crazy when people leave a tap running or leave the refrigerator door open unnecessarily.  

Name one thing you consider yourself to be good at. 

I'm a great navigator.  

How have you adjusted to moving around for work? What has been your favorite place to live or shoot? 

With every project I've done, I've created a pseudo family with the cast and crew, so that's made it easier to bop all around. Community is key to feeling centered in a new place. New York by far has been my favorite place to live (I've made it my home now). New Zealand is my second favorite place I've worked. The people, culture, and environment are so beautiful down there. Maybe I'll live there next! Ha who knows! 

What is your can’t-live-without beauty product? 

The secret to great skin is hydration, sleep, eating well, exercise, and good sunscreen. But often times, it's hard to stay on top of all those things. I think an awesome face wash is mandatory to maintain great skin, especially when exercise and eating right fall by the way side. In my opinion, Ginkgo Natural is the world's greatest face cleanser/make-up remover. I've used it for years and swear by it.  

What is your morning or nightly beauty routine? 

Morning: Drink water, Floss, Mouthwash, Brush teeth, wash my face, moisturizer, sunscreen ( I try to avoid make-up when I'm not working). Then I have PURE GREENS from FYC and take fish oil and a pro-biotic. NIght: Floss, mouthwash, brush teeth, wash face, moisturizer, water.  

What is your favorite place to get away and relax in New York City?

I love the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and Prospect Park. Prospect Park is less crowded than Central Park and full of beautiful flowers. When I walk through the Botanic Gardens I feel as if I'm in France or England, but nope just Brooklyn! It is a truly magical escape. And you must visit when the cherry blossoms are in bloom!  

If you could choose three people to have dinner with, who would they be? 

Oprah, Eleanor Roosevelt, William Shakespeare. I wonder what we'd eat? 

How do you want to empower women around the world? 

I hope that as I continue to live out my dream and stretch myself while exploring different areas that I'm interested in I can raise women up and encourage and assist them in claiming their dreams. Feeling inhibited or trapped is crippling to realizing our full potential.  I'd like to encourage women to believe in their dreams and in unconventional ways to reach them.