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Mario - Let Me Love You LeMarquis Remix

LeMarquis is a French act that specializes predominantly in Indie Dance who, despite being relatively new to the scene, he has already been featured before on TVG. In celebration of them getting 2000 likes on Facebook, we have been rewarded with this new remix which is quite simply another reason to keep up with them.

But before I go any further, at least press play. I highly doubt that you’ll regret it.

I don't usually find kickass R&B remixes, but when I do, they sound like this LeMarquis remix. Hot damn! Clap and dance baby.

This Mario Dewar Barrett remix is super fresh and couldn't be farther from a #TBT. 

It kicks off with their signature mellow pulses with warm vocals and ear worm worthy lyrics accompanying it. Though it may not sound terribly complex, there’s a special feel good vibe around it that makes it perfect for plenty of replays. It hits all the right spots with a rhythm so danceable that you just can’t help yourself. 

Overall it’s a tropical bonanza for the easy going kind like myself that makes for a good and swift mood changer.

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Sourced by: @yourlocaldjs