HOW TO: wash your face

If you only do one thing, make it washing your face every night. Rinsing it in the shower doesn't count! Whether your into a five step nightly cleansing ritual or rely on a single makeup wipe to take off the day's dirt, washing your face is a vital first step to healthy, radiant skin. Especially if you wear makeup. Even if you don't wear makeup on the regular, there is pollution, bacteria, and unwanted germs lingering all over your face by the days end. Not washing can cause larger pores, and its actually aging to not regularly wash. Don't believe me? Watch THIS.

Now that I have managed to (hopefully) scare you into getting squeaky clean every night, here's the basics of what makes a great cleanser: be gentle and water soluble-remove oil and most makeup without stripping the skin. You want to feel clean, but not tight. Stripping the skin can actually trigger more oil production. Rinse off clean without a residue (no bar soaps!) be fragrance free or at least have minimal fragrance- you can see where 'fragrance' is on the ingredient list. If any, it should be one of the last ingredients- not contain any drying, harsh, or irritating ingredients. Minty or tingly sensations are not ok!


And finally, master the art of the face wash.

1- Start with clean hands and rinse well! hand soap is not kind to the skin on your face
2- Remove your makeup; use a makeup remover towelette or a cotton ball/pad soaked with makeup remover. Neutrogena, Olay, and MAC make excellent ones. 
3- Give your skin a splash of lukewarm or room temp water.
4- Activate the cleanser; apply a small amount of face wash onto fingertips and rub together
5- Massage the cleanser into your skin, i like using a circular motion, but whatever you prefer, do this for at least 10 seconds. If you use a clarisonic brush, now is the time to bust it out (3 times a week max)
6- Use a super soft washcloth to remove cleanser, or just splash on some more water. I love Eve Lom's musilin cloths  
7- Pat face dry with a clean towel. if you can, designate one towel specifically for your face, and keep towels you use for your body or hair separate. and make sure that towel gets washed once a week, with no fabric softener.

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