Be Bold

Matching prints can be scary. Most of the time, during a great shopping trip, we buy just the top, or just the shirt of a certain look. But what if you bought the set? It is becoming more and more common to see people on the streets matching prints for a full outfit and I am loving the boldness of strong patterns.  The trend moved from a full monochromatic look, to taking it one step further and adding in fun patterns from head to toe. The black and white colors tone down a loud pattern and this knitted set is the perfect way to be comfy and stylish on a day where you just want to take it easy. Add a pair of strappy heels to dress it up and you are ready to take this look from day to night. I give you full permission to be bold and take that giant leap into wearing an amazing pattern from head to toe!

Outfit: Twenty Tees

Photographer: Trevor Hoehne