Quality or quantity? NYC offers both - especially in the beauty world. That said, it’s not easy to choose the right products, the ones that really deserve our loyalty. I love the huge department stores and already invested - not spent! - hours looking for beauté launches (who’s with me?). Some of the brands I buy/use/recommend the most are originally from New York.

 Skinceuticals, for instance, is a dermo-cosmetic pionner brand that has 50+ products, all with anti-aging ingredients. I was introduced to the label when Phloretin CF (US$ 155) was launched in Brazil, in 2012; they gave me some samples and I immediately fell in love. Since then, this sérum became a part of my skin care routine, and I use it daily before sunscreen and make-up.

 The product may seem oily at first sight, but it dries faster than you think (actually, it’s made for combination to oily skin). It has also a bunch of benefits: to neutralize free radicals, to stimulate collagen + elastin production, to increase cell renewal and to prevent your face from sun damage. CE Ferulic (US$ 153) acts the same way on dry skin. SkinCeuticals also offers acne treatment (Blemish + Age Defense, US$ 82) and a very powerful moisturising product (Hydrating B5 Gel, US$ 74). But in my opinion, nothing beats Phloretin CF.

Xoxo Camis