Whether it's suede, classic, glossy or coloured, I have always been a fan of leather. It has the ability to turn a lady into a rock star and turn an outfit from drab to fab!

Good quality leather can be quite the investment, however if you purchase a classic style (for example: a good pant, jacket or skirt) you'll find yourself getting years of wear out of them, because good quality leather lasts!

A key trend this season is the quilted leather, and these designs available from Net-A-Porter do a first class job with this trend:

Another trend is the leather leggings, these are absolutely stunning and will make you feel like a million dollars!


Finally, here are some gorgeous classic pieces that will get you through season after season!


Some tips to remember: you get what you pay for, so make sure you look for ethically created items with good lining, clean stitching and if your item has zippers, make sure they're not dodgy zippers that will break after a few uses.

Also, unless your jumping on a motorcycle, limit the leather to one item with the exception of your shoes and bag.

R x