Three Solid Tips for Spring

Spring for a lot of us means filing your taxes, packing away heavy coats, maybe a juice cleanse..

How about adding a reward to the end of your spring cleaning with some NEW PRODUCTS! 

1) First and foremost, get a professional facial to clean up wintery,dry and flakey skin. Or attempt a treatment at home with a light facial scrub followed by a exfoliating peel.  Do this at night, because these can make your skin a little pink for an hour or so. Also, your not going to get any actual peeling, just nice soft skin. Sephora has some really good options, here's my two best at-home exfoliating peels for all skin types:

-Peter Thomas Roth 40 % Triple Acid Peel $88/12 vials. Enough for 12 treatments, these little vials just get swiped onto skin for a few minutes, then rinsed with water. Easy! Not only do they have some great exfoliating acids, but also contains other beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants and plumping sodium hyaluronate. 

-Dr Brandt Laser A Peel System $75 1.7oz. You'll get about 10 treatments out of this. Pump a little of the peeling solution onto a cotton pad, apply, then after 5 minutes, rinse. It also comes with a nice soothing gel for afterwards. 

2) Spring means rainy and  humid days, so ditch your heavy creams and facial oils and swap them out for a serum or light lotion. Nothing feels worse then a greasy face in the humidity. Try Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Antioxidant Treatment. Its a little pricey but its one of the few products that uses the right kind of vitamin c (brightening & protecting), and its water based so its excellent for any skin type. Olay makes my other two favourites: Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum Fragrance Free and Regenerist Regenerating Serum Fragrance Free. Both are around $25, and almost exactly identical ingredients (peptides, niacinamide, antioxidants) except the Micro Sculpting version has mineral pigments so it leaves your skin very radiant, so avoid if you like going for a super-matte look. 

3) If your considering any laser treatments (hair removal, getting rid of sun spots, etc) now is the time to do it before we get to summer. Lasers don't play well with even the slightest bit of tan skin. Otherwise, hold off until the fall.