From drab to fab with one coat. My new obsession... White lacquer!

A clean, simple, modern transformation for just about ANYTHING. 

Don’t worry, lacquer can be found at your local paint store. 

it comes in two forms.

1. the traditional gallon bucket (this is what I used)

2. an aerosol spray can (if you go this route, let me know how you like it) 

Hey all you mommas! Think twice before throwing out that toy your little one no longer plays with. As long as it’s an interesting shape, made out of metal / heavy plastic, and you think it will look great on your bookshelf- give it a try! 

I chose to cover two western style toy guns made from metal and plastic. 

*Note: I ran into a little problem with my gun handles. Lacquer can break down plastic and it made my handles pliable. So if you decide to use an object with plastic, make sure its not thin. 

Here’s how I found the easiest way to get a clean look fast. 

  • First, I took a fishing line and hung the gun by the trigger from a tree branch. That way I could paint the whole thing without having to lay it down on one of its sides. 
  • I made sure I had something underneath my work area to catch any drips. It’s best to use a drop cloth or an old towel. Don’t use a trash bag, the lacquer will eat it.
  • Then I applied a generous amount of lacquer and watched for drips that started to occur. 
  • Once the paint had started to dry and I had fixed the drips, I let it sit for a few hours. Simple as that. 
  • If you would like, you can put it in a shadow box like I’ve done and hang it on your wall. It makes for a cool conversation piece when you have guest over. 

I also chose to lacquer deer antlers. It seems right now this is every interior designers go-to item. To get your hands on a pair of antlers, find out who your local taxidermy is and give them a call. Ask if they have any extra laying around that you could buy for a couple dollars and lacquer those. 

*Note: make sure you are in a well ventilated area when you use lacquer; preferably outside. This stuff has a powerful odor, but guess what... it drys fast! Yay!

Most importantly use your imagination and think twice before getting rid of that old wood chair. A coat of lacquer just may do the trick. 

I want to see what you come up with! Take photos and hashtag #DIYwithMisswhoo

You inspire me.