Bye Bye Pizza-face!!

Guys. I am shocked. Appalled. Blind-sighted. This pimple treatment just gave me the surprise of a lifetime. Like, even more so than George Clooney being a fiance. Real talk. 


For years, I've fought acne and breakouts. I've tried what feels like HUNDREDS of face-washes, spot-treatments, masks... yada yada yada. If someone, somewhere says that they LOVE a product, I want it and have to know if it'll work for me. No doubt. 


So when I was two days away from being in a best friend's wedding a few weeks back and watched my face explode in an out-of-nowhere breakout, I panicked. Fancy photographers up in my grill taking shots of my Pizza face? No thank you. With a wedding countdown on my phone, I found myself standing in an Ulta store, desperately trying to remember what Mario Badescu product that a friend had mentioned a while back which cleared her pimples up overnight. Literally in 10-12 hours. I picked up this Drying Lotion, as well as some other Peter Thomas Roth goodies. (Which I love. More on those later.)

It contains a concentrated formulation of calamine, salicylic acid and other quick-acting acne-zapping ingredients that are made to completely dry-out any pimple or whitehead. The tiny glass bottle looks sort of like a miniature lava-lamp at first...which is good. The instructions actually say not to shake or combine the ingredients in the bottle. No, you don't have to carry it home upright, but make sure you leave it on your bathroom counter for 15min or so to let the layers separate before you apply to your problem areas. 

To use it: Cleanse, tone, moisturize your skin like normal before bed. Then, stick a Q-tip straight into the bottle of Drying Lotion, going all the way to the bottom. Pull out and dot the pimples and zits on your face with the pink solution. The minor amount of alcohol in this product can create a very minor tingle or sting, but it only lasts like 2 seconds max. When I did this to myself, it looked super chicken-pox-ish and I was worried that I'd scare the crap out of my husband if he woke up and looked at my face in the middle of the night. (He didn't. Phew.) Once it's applied, head to bed! Allowing this stuff to sit on your skin for 6-10 hours is MORE than enough time for the goodness to seep into those unruly pores and soak up the bacteria causing breakouts. Wake up and rinse-off with a cleanser in the morning. For SUPER dry girls, make sure and apply moisturizer all over your skin once you've washed it off to ensure your foundation won't get flaky during the day. 

I followed this regimen for two nights, and while I still had marks from where my pimples were drying-out by the wedding-day, my full-coverage foundation handled it and I felt so good and confident that those suckers were on their way out AND completely concealed. 

I'm obsessed with this stuff. Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion is a MUST-HAVE for anyone wanting to fight bad breakout that shows up out of nowhere and threatens to ruin your fancy event, wedding, instas....etc.

Try it, love it, tag me!! Xx



Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion

Cost: $17 

Where to buy it: Everywhere! Nordstrom, Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Amazon, etc.