21 ways to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Within my coaching practice I've had the privilege to work with a countless number of people that were able to take their lives from stuck to unstuck, from 1st gear to 6th gear, and overall take the game of life they were playing to the next level.

Here are 21 not so common ways and mindsets that you can apply to your daily life.  

Read them. Model them. Apply them. Then watch the positive progress that comes because of it!

1. You have no control over anything in your life other than the meaning you give to the events of your life.

2. You are the quality of your communication.

3. Create a compelling future — identify a future that is so compelling you can’t help but to move forward.

4. Most people don’t take action or make change because they don’t feel like they are worth the effort. You are worth it!

5.  As soon as you judge, you lose all ability to really connect with others and appreciate their gift to the world.

6. Take the time to remind people of their purpose during times of trouble.

7. There is no failure, only feedback.

8. Comfort kills drive. Don’t be comfortable. Get active.

9. Take a 10 min nap in the afternoon to recharge.

10. New questions will always deliver new answers.

11. You are always at cause but you choose to be an effect.

12. We want progress not change. Change doesn’t mean progress, change takes no talent. Time changes things regardless of your efforts. Don’t just change things. Make progress!

13. Don’t do weight loss. Do health gain. (20 mins of movement daily)

14. When you are being flexible you have more fun.

15. When you are confused you are ready to learn.

16. Label = Judgement. Labels limit you. For example, “I could never do that.”

17. It’s not an either/or world, it’s an and world.

18. "Why" gives the story. "How" gives the structure.

19. The person with the most certainty wins.

20. “I’m working on it.” “I’m dealing with it.” “I’m hoping.” “I’m trying.” They all mean you have not yet made a decision.

21. Hope and its sexy cousin Try, gives you a way to escape, a way out.

Choose one of these each day without repeating for 21 days straight and see your lifestyle improve exponentially.  

Cheers with Water,

Coach Adam Cobb