MissWhoo X FYC Day 2 of 3

In this video with Esther, I focused on the Move Well and some Think Well breathing strategies. I taught her to redefine exercise and coin it “movement.” Movement that does not have to occur at the gym, but can be an intentional part of your everyday life---even in your own home.

We spent time reconnecting Esther with her body and her breath. To me, that’s the most important part of the whole FYCmethod. When you can get to the place where your body and breath are aligned, it’s when you truly “own your body.”

I will keep telling you that to be able to Move Well, Eat Well, and Think Well—is simple, but not easy.  However, I promise you, if you keep following along—your life will never be the same.

Cheers with Water, 

Coach Adam Cobb