Are you Boss status? Do you have what it takes?

Do you have what it takes to start and maintain your own business? It’s a vital question to ask if you are considering it.  Whether you want to have your own gluten free baking company, flower delivery business, or chicken renting start up– are you in fact a good candidate for this? 

Why is this an important question to consider?

Answer:  You write your own check. 

Lets take a look at a few questions and just be honest.  The more “yes” answers you have from these questions the more likely you have what it takes to run your own business (and with success). Lets take a look:

1.     Are you a self-starter? Do you like figure it out yourself days?

2.     Do you get along with different types of people? From all walks of life?

3.     Do you have a positive perspective? + Outlook?

4.     Are you able to make decisions?

5.     Are you able to accept responsibility?

6.     Do you enjoy competition?

7.     Do you plan ahead?

8.     Are you self disciplined?

9.     Can you take advice from others?

10. Are you consistent?

11. Can you sell yourself?

12. Are you prepared to work long hours?

13. Are you willing to risk your money/time in this venture?

14.  Does my spouse/family support me in doing this?

15.  How do I handle stress?

Having your own business is fabulous.  It offers a gorgeous freedom.  However, the more you know and understand about yourself and match that specifically with your business direction, the more your chance for success will increase.

One more question to ponder:  what are the key ingredients for success?


Who knows if there’s a right answer but things such as:  the ability to plan, communicate and organize are all top on my list.  People skills, attitude, enthusiasm, discipline. 

Hope this helps,