"Sheer Solution"

Aside from the rare occasion that it's done very, very well, I have a pretty big aversion to the sheer top + bra-only combo. I find it distracting and sloppy for daywear, but I've found a solution. 

Anyone else with me? Okay. 
I definitely do think that the look of a sheer top is VERY pretty. Pretty enough (and in-every-store-enough) that we should be able to capitalize on this trend in a different way. Let me give you another idea, other than that old spaghetti-strap tank you've probably had for a decade, that perhaps you hadn't thought of before.

A few months ago, I saw a street style pic of a woman wearing a white lace shirt with white dress pants, but then instead of a bra or tank underneath the lace, she had on a black strapless corset (I'm now kicking myself for not saving that pic...). That photo really caught my attention. I remember suddenly feeling pumped to wear my sheer tops in a new way, if I could find a well-fitting strapless top I liked (and I did!). Now, ah!, that explains my lace overload this past spring!

The reason I specifically love a strapless top in this situation is because having a bare chest, shoulders, and back under the sheer fabric is SUCH a delicate and feminine look (which is what sheer is usually trying to achieve), and so in my opinion, those straps are just a big, fat interruption.


Try combining a sheer top (chiffon blouse, lace, whatever) with any strapless top (stretchy tube top, lingerie corset, or even a strapless bodysuit). Hope this works for you like it did for me!

Here's a few examples, to get you thinking:

Forever21 tube top
H&M Tube Top
Stella McCartney
La Perla 
La Perla Corset

Janice xo