7 Most Important Questions In Your Life


Pearls of Wisdom shared by Brian Houston

1. Who are you going to marry?

Make sure your goals and dreams line up, and you're heading in the same direction. Find someone with energy and passion - who sees life as an adventure, and who makes you laugh.

2.  Where am I going to live? 

Where you live will have a huge generational impact.  Often times we make decisions on where to live based on career, family, comfort and cost, but the first thing we should be looking at is our calling, which may mean making sacrifices.

Community is also huge to consider. The power of a strong community can have a huge impact on a youn person's life.

3.  What we do is so important.

The best way to check if you're doing what God's calling you to do is ask yourself – am I any good at it? 

4.  When?

The right timing has high significance. Things work when you've got the right people in the right place at the right time - timing is critical for the generations. 

5.  With? 

Who we do life with will have a significant impact on our own lives, and therefore those of our future children, and even our grandchildren.

Do not underestimate the importance of your relationships with your friends. Bad company corrupts good habits.

6.  Why? 

You can do the right thing for the wrong reason – but healthy motivation is wise. Make sure your motivation is good.

7.  Want?

What do you want in life?  Solomon in the Bible asked for wisdom when he could have asked for anything - riches, honor, even the lives of his enemies.

One more pearl: "We must learn to be faithful with what's in our hand."