We all want glowy, gorg summer skin. I mean, duh. I can’t stop yapping about it. We’ve talked foundations, we’ve talked BB’s and CC’s, we’ve talked Highlighters and illumators…(yap-fest…right?!) Now, my last ditch effort at helping you get to your perfect summer glow issssssss…..

Drumroll puhlease…….



Taking care of your brushes a few times a month will substantially cut down oil build-up, breakouts and overall skin condition. And skincare aside, it’ll make your makeup application look 10x better. Really.

Two ways to clean your brushes:

1. The GENERAL-clean: Believe it or not, makeup wipes are the easiest way to go. I use a wipe on my daily-brushes 2-3x times a month. Getting the built-up product out of your brush can cut down oil build-up on your skin when it comes to foundation, bronzer and blush brushes. Remember: Complexion brushes apply the product that covers the largest surface of your face so cleaning them out allow your foundations/BB’s/concealers to look smoother and cleaner. Run the brush back and forth on the wipe until you no longer see any residue, and lay flat to dry. Laying brushes upright will allow too much moisture to get into the base, which will often loosen the adhesive of the brush fibers. Allowing them to dry flat will keep your brush intact for longer.

 2. The DEEP-clean: Once a month, I use a more intense brush cleaner. There are a TON of great, affordable ones out there but my absolute favorite is MAC’s. Using a kitchen glass, place brushes in, face down. Pour brush cleaner into the glass, covering a little less than half of the brush fibers. Dilute with a little bit of warm water, but make sure to keep the fluid level below the silver base of each brush! Again, if too much water gets into the base, it may start to loosen the tiny hairs. And nobody likes going bald. I let mine soak for 10-15 minutes, lather each one up with warm water then rinse, ring out and lay flat to dry.  I usually give them at least 12-18 hours to dry before I use them again.


Remember: keeping your brushes clean means keeping your face clean! Get in the habit of taking care of those valuable little beauty tools now and you’ll be able to use them for years and years to come.


Cheers to fresher, lighter skin!