The Ability To Make Great Decisions

The Single Most Important Skill of an Executive: The Ability To Make Great Decisions.


Decisions are incredibly important. They affect every single person around you and your days to come.

Why are decisions so important?

Whether you're trying to grow a small or large company, build a successful school or even a military unit, it's never one decision that builds and makes companies great but a cumulative amount of decisions executed. Decision & brilliant execution over and over again. 

And yet so many of us are paralyzed by indecision. When you are paralyzed, so is your work, people around you, and your momentum.  What’s at the root of indecision? Fear. But there’s great news, we all can become greater at making decisions. 

As a leader, you have to be able to make decisions. I use the word "leader" because we are all leaders. Whether you are a fashion designer, a mum, a business gal, or a sister, we are leaders. And being a passive and indecisive leader is simply an oxymoron.

In terms of making good decisions, noodle on these: 

1. Take time proportionate to the size of the decision. 

  • Don't take heaps of time deciding on which pack of gum you want but for huge mammoth decisions like buying a house or hiring someone... Take time. 
  • Gather options, options and options to help make decisions. Make sure you have as much info as you can possibly get and write all these options on paper.

 2. Write on a calendar & decide to pull the trigger for any decisions that continue to be delayed. Put a deadline on the calendar and say, "By this date I will decide..."

3.  Put the idea of “uncertainty” in its proper place. On a daily basis we are all put in positions of uncertainty and we can all thrive. Be clear on small vs. large decisions. Don’t force a small decision too early because you want the uncertainty to go away. 

A huge question is: How much time do we have before our risk profile changes?

Often we have much more time than we initially think we do. For instance, consider the time to make a decision if a fire is coming straight for your house vs. the time in responding to when it's best to travel next year?

Don’t forge a decision too early simply because you want the uncertainty to go away. Sometimes we actually make a decision early and the worry is still there because we feel uncertain about our decision.


- Decisions are about who not what. They are people decisions.

- Even if you disagree with the decision, it's still your responsibility to unify behind it and execute well. 

- Are you making more statements or asking more questions? The more questions the better!

Hope this helps! Let's keep it real, make brilliant decisions, and execute them well.