Hustling & Winning in Business

Mark Cuban Pearls of Wisdom


I'm a huge fan of learning. I'm also a huge fan of listening to others to hear what they've learned. Especially when it comes to business. I mean we have two ears and one mouth... Right? That being said - I'm a colossal fan of Mark Cuban. Mark Cuban is a fierce businessman, investor and entrepreneur. He came from very humble beginnings and has had many successes as well as failures in business. The main reason why I like him and love to learn from him is he brings it every single day. He actually crushes it in fact. And he continues to win at business. He's 100% a HUSTLER.

A few notes about Mark Cuban:

- He is the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks

- He is the owner of the Landmark Theatres & Magnolia Pictures

- He is the chairman of the HDTV cable network

- He is also a "shark" investor on the television series Shark Tank.

Mark Cuban speaks on incredible opportunity in this country.

He says - Hustle, hustle, hustle... knock knock, knock, on them doors.

Known for his killer sales abilities, he consistently says "put yourself in your customers' shoes". What's going to make their personal & professional lives better? Put on the shoes of your competitors. He says sales is about finding a need and filling it. Serving, not selling.

Asking - how is what I'm selling going to be more proficient and more profitable to my customers? Is this business a vehicle to bring value?

He also says - It's a numbers game. Every no gets you closer to a yes.

And if you are just beginning a business, remember:
You gotta grind. You gotta do the work. Starting a business might mean less control of your life -not more - initially. There are no shortcuts. Hustle.

And do I have the time, imagination & courage to carry this out?

Realize where you are in your life cycle. Are you 30 or 40 with a family vs. 18 to 24 with no mortgage? Do I currently have the time to begin a business?

He says- take the time to become an expert on your business and be the smartest person in the room on it.

Say you have the idea, you've invested $500 or $5,000 in it, and you have the prototype. What's next? Mark says find customers. If you can find five customers to commit before you're ready, you're headed in a great direction. If you can't - go back to the drawing board.

Mark also suggests focusing on becoming a leader and not a boss... Get out the pom poms and become the loudest cheerleader. Get in the boat with your team. Let them know you have their back.

A boss has people work for them.

A leader has people work with them.

He says leaders are: passionate, humble, focused, faithful, persistent, positive, flexible, driven, character-filled & honest.

Let's be leaders!