Media Detox


When was the last time you didn’t watch any television and powered off your cell phone for a whole day. Yesterday I did a media detox, it's a way to unplug, hit the hard reset and I highly recommend it to you.

Instead of eating in front of the television, put your favorite music on and enjoy your meal. Typically, if you choose music instead of television your creative awareness heightens and can lead to activities like reading, writing, drawing, meditation, exercise, or soaking up some sun.

Where do I even start with the benefits of powering off your cell? You can experience all of the above activities and include peace of mind. Ask yourself, “How often do I enjoy activities or just silence without a ringer or notification going off?” It’s either call, text, email, instagram, facebook update, tweet, etc.

If you are a media detox virgin and don’t feel comfortable with the idea, then communicate with your loved ones first before shutting everything down--and do it at first for just an hour. Create an hour of power in your life today.

For those more experienced, do it for a whole day. So many people tell me they need to just get away. I tell then, “Do a media detox and go wherever you want to in your mind and spirit right now.”

Don’t wait another minute. Your soul will thank you.


Cheers with Water,

Coach Adam Cobb